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The Consultation Process

The first consultation typically lasts 90 minutes when a detailed case history is taken.

This will include family medical history, your own medical history and a comprehensive review of your symptoms. The consultation is supported by a questionnaire and a three-day diet history to help assess your current nutrient intake. Biochemical tests may be recommended and are usually non-invasive involving, for example, provision of urine, stool, saliva or hair samples. These can give a clearer picture as to how the body is functioning and may help to detect early abnormalities. A programme of individualised therapy will then be drawn up for you to work with and is likely to include dietary modification, lifestyle advice and possibly supplementation.

Follow-up consultations are usually required to assess progress and modify the programme as necessary. Follow-ups last 30 to 45 minutes and are, on average, two to four weeks after the initial consultation.

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