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The National Association of Farmers' Markets - promoting farmers' markets and assisting in the formation of new ones.


Friends of the Earth - one of the UK's foremost environmental pressure groups


Involved in designing and creating sustainable environments and systems.


Delivery of over 2000 organic products.


Organic meats, poultry and other products.


Specialist dietary breads and products.


The Henry Doubleday Research Association. Conducts research and promotes organic gardening, farming and food.


Campaigns for organic food and farming and sustainable forestry. Also produce a national directory of organic box schemes and home delivery.


Help support the environment and local farmers by shopping at your nearest Farmers' Market. Everything is grown locally and picked in season. This means fresher, tastier foods and a high nutrient content from produce that is harvested at its peak. A typical farmers' market contains not only quality fruits and vegetables but delicious breads, meats, cheeses, eggs, honey, herbs. There are often unusual foods such as ostrich eggs or meats from rare-breed animals, buffalo milk cheese.


Recent European Directives threaten to ban many safe and popular nutrients and limit the potency of others. This means we will no longer have access to the majority of vitamins, minerals and herbs we buy today. We will be left with only bland and ineffective products. Consumers for Health Choice (CHC) are mobilising to resist the Directive, but have a huge fight on their hands. Visit this site to see how you can help to campaign against the Directives.


The Blackheath Complementary Health Centre offers a wide range of alternative and complementary therapies.


Shop for chemical-free and organic ranges of household cleaning products, organic toothpaste, shampoos, face creams and sun-protection products