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Organic Farming

There is no doubt that the discovery of antibiotics was a wondrous medical revelation. However, overuse has resulted in our becoming resistant to many strains and this situation is potentially life threatening. Intensive farming of animals has not helped the problem. The over- cramped conditions for intensive farming require routine feeding of antibiotics just to prevent infection - the animals are not ill. Some antibiotics have also been used to promote animals' growth so they can be killed and sold for meat more quickly. This ultimately means traces of antibiotics in the food chain and water supply.

Organic rearing of animals does not allow antibiotics to be used routinely and they are kept in more humane conditions. There is tight control over the addition of colours and preservatives and the meat is sold without the addition of water and phosphates to pump up volume. Consequently your bacon will not ooze white gunge in the pan or halve in size before your eyes - what you see is what you get. Cheap reconstituted meat products are a false economy and can be detrimental to health.

Do not assume that all food labelled 'organic' is healthy though. High fat, high sugar, processed convenience foods are unhealthy, whether organic or otherwise. Read labels carefully and don't be taken in by the marketing ploys of profit - driven companies jumping on the organic bandwagon.

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